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National Gaucher Foundation: 2018 Year in Review

The National Gaucher Foundation looks back on the accomplishments of 2018, made possible by the support and participation of the Gaucher disease community.

Blog / About Gaucher Disease

A Q&A with Gaucher Disease Specialists: The 2018 NGF Patient Symposium in Review

At a recent symposium on Gaucher disease, nationally and internationally... Read more

Blog / About Gaucher Disease

The History of Gaucher Disease

The history of a disease can be tricky to pinpoint.... Read more

Blog / About Gaucher Disease

[Webinar] Parenting Adolescents with Gaucher Disease

On October 8, the National Gaucher Foundation hosted a webinar... Read more

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Meet Our Ambassadors

In 2018, the National Gaucher Foundation announced its first Ambassador... Read more

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Drug Pricing, a Complex Issue Affecting the Rare Disease Community

Orphan drugs are expensive, and recent changes to the Orphan Drug Act may up the price even more. Find out how to take action and make your voice heard.

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Precision Medicine and the Implications for Gaucher Disease (Podcast Recap)

Precision medicine could help enhance and direct treatment for Gaucher disease. But it might be challenging to obtain detailed genetic information from people living with Gaucher disease.

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The Gaucher Specialist: A Critical Member of Your Care Team

A Gaucher specialist is an expert in diagnosing and treating Gaucher disease. Having this specialist on your care team is essential to receiving the best treatment possible. NGF can help you find a Gaucher specialist.

Blog / About Gaucher Disease

The Links Between Gaucher Disease and Parkinson’s Disease (Podcast Recap)

Research into the link between Gaucher disease and Parkinson’s disease... Read more

Blog / About Gaucher Disease

The Founder Effect’s Influence on Jewish Genetic Diseases

Among groups of people worldwide, genetic variation plays a key role in the prevalence of certain genetic diseases like Gaucher disease. Genetic diseases can affect anyone, but in some groups, certain diseases are more common compared to others. This can be attributed to genetic drift, or how frequently various genotypes (genetic makeups) appear in populations of individuals.

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