Noreen Layne

noreen_1662_hr_recNoreen Layne serves as the National Gaucher Foundation’s (NGF) Program Manager. In addition to being the initial point of contact in the NGF office, she ensures each individual who contacts the NGF is connected to the correct resource or staff member. Noreen oversees the management of all NGF Programing.

Noreen’s years of experience in office administration, development and financial assistance program management are an asset to the NGF. Since 2004, she has held positions in office administration and management as well as supported numerous development projects. Noreen brings her passion for community service and outreach, keen eye for detail as well as affable demeanor to the NGF team. Raised in a family of ministry and educators, her goal is to connect people to information and knowledge.

Noreen attended Howard University where she majored in psychology. Her daughter is in her senior year of college as an early childhood education major.

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