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Many people with Gaucher disease (pronounced go-SHAY) live well thanks to treatment and early management of the disease. The most important part of optimizing your health is seeing a Gaucher specialist who can track your health and adjust your treatment as necessary.

How the National Gaucher Foundation Can Help

If you need assistance finding a Gaucher specialist or additional support, the National Gaucher Foundation is here to help.

We offer several resources and tools to help you find what you need:

  • Finding a specialist: Check out our Gaucher disease treatment finder to locate a specialist and discover where the main Gaucher disease treatment centers are in the U.S. Our resources for patients and families also include information on how to access subsidized or low-cost genetic screening resources.
  • Building a Care Team: It is important to create a team of medical specialists and supporting professionals to keep you in optimal health – to create a treatment team of professionals. Mental health is as important as your physical health.
  • Connecting with the Gaucher community: If you or a family member has Gaucher disease, you are not alone. Connect with others to get support and tips for living a full, vibrant life with Gaucher disease.
  • Financial support: Gaucher disease treatment can be very expensive. Learn more about financial support available through other nonprofits.

Living a Better Today

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