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[Video] Meet Nate: Gaucher Disease Patient Journey

For 10 years, Nate struggled to receive a diagnosis for his excruciating bone pain. He was finally diagnosed with Gaucher disease and made a miraculous recovery.

Meet Ted: Gaucher Disease Patient Journey

In 1963, Ted was diagnosed with Gaucher disease type 1 at five years old. Enzyme Replacement Therapy wasn’t FDA approved until 1991, so Ted spent many years living with this disease and without any treatment. He draws on his experiences to help patients, students and medical professionals see the positives in the worst life can offer…. Read More »

Meet the Garay Family: Gaucher Disease Patient Journey

The Garay family has three children: Diego, 9, Sienna, 5, and Annika, 3. Annika was diagnosed with Gaucher disease six months ago, and Diego was diagnosed shortly after that. Their mother, Ana, shares the impact this diagnosis has had on their family. What were the events leading up to your children’s diagnosis? In January of 2015,  Annika… Read More »

Meet Lauren: Gaucher Disease Patient Journey

This month we are introducing you to several faces of Gaucher disease. Lauren is 23 years old, and was diagnosed at age 18. We spoke with Lauren to understand what the diagnosis has meant for her life. Briefly describe the events leading up to your diagnosis at age 18. It started when I got blood… Read More »

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