Our Team

Brian Berman
President and Chief Executive Officer
Brian Berman is president and chief executive officer of the National Gaucher Foundation (NGF). He was also the reason that his parents, Mr. Dennis Berman and Dr. Robin Ely, formed the NGF more than 30 years ago. Read more…

Amy Blum
Chief Operating Officer
Amy Blum is chief operating officer of the National Gaucher Foundation (NGF). Since 1991, she has devoted her career to focusing on disability advocacy, nonprofit development and management. Read more…

Naomi Chinn
Optimal Health Advisor
Naomi Chinn serves as the National Gaucher Foundation’s (NGF) optimal health advisor. She helps patients optimize their health by connecting them to specialists and empowering them to take control of their health issues related to Gaucher disease. Read more…

Robin Ely
Clinical Advisor
Dr. Ely serves as Clinical Advisor, specifically overseeing a diagnostic initiative aimed at the Jewish population in New York. Read more…

Noreen Layne
Administrative and Development Assistant
Noreen Layne serves as the National Gaucher Foundation’s (NGF) Administrative and Development Assistant. In this role, she provides the Foundation with administrative and development support, inclusive of ensuring each NGF community member…Read more…

Barbara Lichtenstein
Director, CARE Programs
Barbara Lichtenstein is programs director of the National Gaucher CARE Foundation (NGCF). For more than 30 years,she has been involved in employee and patient advocacy, insurance and benefits development in the public and nonprofit sectors. Read more…

Samantha Rubenstein
Senior Patient Advocate & Optimal Health Advisor
Samantha Rubenstein serves as the National Gaucher Foundation’s (NGF) senior patient advocate & optimal health advisor. As a senior patient advocate, she helps the Foundation with community outreach and educational initiatives.  Read more…

Saul Yanovich
Medical Liaison
National Gaucher Foundation’s (NGF) medical liaison Saul Yanovich, MD, is a professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He has practiced medicine since 1969 and is board-certified in internal medicine, hematology and medical oncology. Read more…

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