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Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Last updated: 01/12/2023
  • Comprehensive Treatment Center

    Center provides infusions; Gaucher Specialist(s) and Genetic Counseling for comprehensive care.

  • Treatment Center

    Center provides infusions & Gaucher Specialist(s) for care.


89 French Street

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

(917) 535-4942


Additional Information

Type of Center
Comprehensive Treatment Center

How many Gaucher patients are treated at your facility?

The majority of Gaucher patients treated at the center are:

Does your treatment center only offer infusions?

What is the average patient wait time from arrival to receiving infusion?
Less than 15 minutes

Which of the following services do Gaucher patients receive at your treatment center?

  1. Appointments with a Gaucher specialist
  2. Biweekly infusions
  3. Appointments with a genetic counselor
  4. Appointments with other physicians (for example, orthopedist, hematologist, hepatologist, etc.) as medically necessary

Additional Information

Our team includes metabolic nurse practitioner and metabolic dietician. There is ongoing collaboration with the hematology team for the treatment with Gaucher disease patients.

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