Raphael Schiffmann

Raphael Schiffmann

Neurometabolic & Undiagnosed Neurological Diseases A Baylor Scott & White Health – Health Texas Affiliate

3600 Gaston Avenue
Wadley Tower, Suite 1155
Dallas, TX 75246
(214) 820-4688

Specialty: Neurology

Number of years treating Gaucher patients (information provided by specialist)
More than 21 years
Types of patients treated
  • Infants
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
Does the physician participate in the ICGG/Registry?
Does the physician have an active clinical or lab research interest?
Please describe:
Doing clinical research in Gaucher disease. Currently clinical trials for children with Gaucher type 1 and 3 and adults with Gaucher type 3
Is the physician involved with patient advocacy?
Please describe:
Connection with the NGF. Dr. Schiffmann is the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Children’s Gaucher Research Fund
Additional Contact Information
Dr. Schiffmann uses a cell phone: 972-375-7514 for patients and providers to contact him any time.

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