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Neal J. Weinreb, MD

  • Comprehensive Treatment Center

    Center provides infusions; Gaucher Specialist(s) and Genetic Counseling for comprehensive care.

  • Treatment Center

    Center provides infusions & Gaucher Specialist(s) for care.

Neal J. Weinreb, MD

Specialty: Hematology

Number of years treating Gaucher patients (information provided by specialist)
More than 21 years

Types of patients treated

  1. Adults
  2. Geriatrics

Does the physician participate in the ICGG/Registry?

Does the physician have an active clinical or lab research interest?

Please describe:
Dr Weinreb is the chair of the ICCG Registry and is a participant in many research studies related to GD and with GD clinical trials

Is the physician involved with patient advocacy?

Please describe:
Dr Weinreb actively engages insurance companies, other third parties and government bodies supporting the interests of GD patients and their families

Additional Contact Information
Dr. Weinreb has retired and is no longer seeing patients at University of Miami UHealth Sylvester Coral Springs. He remains active in his involvement with the ICCG, advocacy and as a NGF Medical Advisory Board Member.

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