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Garrett Gotway, MD

  • Comprehensive Treatment Center

    Center provides infusions; Gaucher Specialist(s) and Genetic Counseling for comprehensive care.

  • Treatment Center

    Center provides infusions & Gaucher Specialist(s) for care.

Garrett Gotway, MD

Children’s Health Specialty Center

Comprehensive Treatment Center

1935 Medical District Dr.

Dallas, TX 75235


Specialty: Genetics, Physician

Number of years treating Gaucher patients (information provided by specialist)
6 – 10 years

Types of patients treated

  1. Infants
  2. Children
  3. Adolescents
  4. Adults

Does the physician participate in the ICGG/Registry?

Does the physician have an active clinical or lab research interest?

Please describe:
cobalamin defects and MMA pathway

Is the physician involved with patient advocacy?

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