E-Pal Connections Program

Welcome to our E-Pal Connections program!

Having a rare disease like Gaucher disease can be isolating, especially for those who possess few opportunities to connect with others sharing similar experiences due to geographic proximity and/or obstacles in utilizing various technologies. In an effort to facilitate communication and develop relationships, the E-Pal Connections program has been created with our younger community members in mind.

The program will enable parents to facilitate connecting their teens with peers who also have Gaucher disease and to connect through a communication method of choice, such as FaceTime, Skype and email. This program is geared towards children teens ages 13 – 17.

Get Started

Please provide the information below to help us make your E-Pal Connection.

In order to participate in the NGF E-Pal Connections program, both parent or legal guardian and participant must read and agree to the Program Consent and Release Form. You will be redirected to the consent form after completing the below information.

Once the parent or legal guardian has signed the Consent and Release, it will be submitted directly to the NGF. We will hold onto your information and contact you when an E-Pal match is made.

Have questions? Contact Naomi Chinn, LSGW, NGF Optimal Health Advisor.

Parent Information

Click here to review the Program Consent & Release. By typing your name in the field below you agree to this information.

Participant Information

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*Denotes required information. Please note that answering all the questions, including the optional ones will help us match you with an NGF e-Pal and could improve your experience of the Connection Program.

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