E-Pal Connections Program Guidelines

  • DO – Be respectful and supportive of your NGF e-Pal.
  • DO – Be responsive and communicative with your NGF e-Pal—you get back what you put in!
    • Try to respond to emails or other contacts within a few days;
    • If you are going to be out of touch for a long time, try to let your NGF e-Pal know in advance.
  • DO – Keep personal information you learn about your NGF e-Pal confidential. Remember, though, that you should always avoid sharing personal information like social security numbers, credit card or bank account numbers, or similar highly confidential information over email or on the Internet. Protect your personal information—always assume that anything shared online could potentially be hacked!
  • DO – Let NGF know if you have any problems or concerns about your NGF e-Pal or the NGF Connection Program, or if you have trouble getting in touch with your NGF Buddy.
  • DON’T send any communications to your NGF e-Pal that contain or show anything that: (i) is sexually explicit or suggestive, offensive, lewd, profane, obscene, or contains nudity or racist innuendo; (ii) promotes any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous; (iii) promotes any political agenda or message; (iv) defames, misrepresents or contains disparaging remarks about NGF or other companies or organizations, or individuals; (v) is deceptive or misleading; and/or (v) violates any law.

Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, the NGF Connection Program is subject to the NGF Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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