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Sanofi Genzyme Announces Torch Awards

ngf-torchSANOFI GENZYME – We are proud to announce the first annual Sanofi Genzyme TORCH Awards! The TORCH Awards are your opportunity to recognize individuals of all ages who have made a significant contribution to the Lysosomal Storage Disorder (LSD) community.

The nomination process is simple. To nominate, you will be asked to submit your answer to the following question:

“Please explain how the nominee has made a significant contribution to the LSD community in one or more of the following ways: educating, empowering, advancing or connecting patients with information, resources or each other. What has been the impact of their contribution?”

This can be anything from a parent working to make changes in healthcare legislation, a local fundraiser, to a student teaching her classmates about her LSD.

Scholarship America will review the nominations and award up to four nominees. These recipients will be recognized by Sanofi Genzyme on Rare Disease Day, February 28th, 2017. Sanofi Genzyme will also contribute $5,000 to the nonprofit organization of each recipient’s choosing, subject to certain conditions.

Nominations: Nominations are accepted from both internal Sanofi Genzyme employees as well as externally.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Nominees of all ages are welcome, including children. Self-nominations are encouraged, but all nominators must be age 13 and over.
  • We ask that you please refrain from nominating current or former employees of Genzyme or Sanofi, their relatives, healthcare professionals (including physicians, nurses, physician’s assistants and pharmacists) or government employees. These individuals are not eligible to receive a TORCH Award and such nominations will not be considered. 

To submit your nominations, please click here, where you will also find more information about the program. Nominations must be submitted by January 10th, 2017, or before the first 300 submissions are received.

Please note:

  • You have the opportunity to nominate up to five people. Please make sure to enter all of your nominations before submitting. You will need to enter all of your nominees’ information before moving forward, as you will not be able to move back through the site. Also, once you have submitted your nominations, you will no longer be able to submit additional nominations.
  • When you’re ready to nominate, click ‘Register to Apply’ within the site.

We look forward to recognizing the impact these contributions have made within the LSD community, and thank you for your nominations!

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