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NGF Mourns the Loss of Dr. Roscoe Brady

Summary: The National Gaucher Foundation today mourns the passing of Dr. Roscoe Owen Brady, M.D., a pioneer in medicine and the father of enzyme therapy for lysosomal diseases, including Gaucher disease.

Rockville, MD, June 15, 2016 — The National Gaucher Foundation today mourns the passing of Roscoe Owen Brady, M.D. Dr. Brady’s foundational studies paved the way for alleviation of suffering of people afflicted with lysosomal diseases, including Gaucher disease. Because of his dedication and perseverance over a long lifetime, tens of thousands of people are able to live fuller, longer and healthier lives.

While working at the National Institute of Health, Dr. Brady set out on a quest to determine the root cause of Gaucher disease and other lysosomal diseases. After unearthing the enzymatic defects behind Gaucher, Dr. Brady worked tirelessly to help those suffering from this disease.

Dr. Brady succeeded in developing an enzyme therapy for Gaucher disease. The treatment received FDA approval in 1991, and remains in use today.

“When I was a young child, Dr. Brady’s treatment truly gave me back the ability to enjoy life,” said National Gaucher Foundation President Brian Berman. “He was an incredibly dedicated and intelligent man, and the world has lost a scientific and medical legend. I owe my life in part to Dr. Brady. This is a great loss for our community and a deeply personal loss for me.”

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The National Gaucher Foundation was established in 1984 with three goals: to find the cause of Gaucher disease, to develop a cure and to promote research and awareness of the disease. Following the determination of the cause and the creation of a treatment, the Foundation expanded its programs to include education and financial assistance for those afflicted. Today, the National Gaucher Foundation is the only independent, not-for-profit educational organization in America that caters to individuals and families with the disease. To learn more about Gaucher disease or the work of the National Gaucher Foundation, visit

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