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Lindsay Zuckerman Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser

Twelve-year-old Lindsay Zuckerman was determined to raise awareness of Gaucher disease Type 1. To do this, Lindsy, who has Gaucher disease, hosted a Dance-A-Thon! By incorporating her love of dance and celebrating life, Lindsey not only raised awareness for Gaucher disease within her community, she also raised funds to support the National Gaucher Foundation.

With the help of her family and immense community support, Lindsay raised over $16,000 for the National Gaucher Foundation to help provide resources and support to Gaucher patients and their families. She also helped the NGF continue to spread awareness of Gaucher disease!

You too can feel like you were there by watching this short clip filmed by Ryan Carrol & Tanner Puzio and Edited by Jared Fembleaux, three film students at the Morris County School of Technology for the Visual and Performing Arts: Multimedia who were inspired by Lindsay too!

Read more about Lindsay’s Dance-A-Thon here

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