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Financial Support Programs


Financial Support ProgramsMuch has changed in the Gaucher community. New treatments have been approved, new treatment facilities identified, and there are many changes in protocol. We at the National Gaucher CARE Foundation want you to know that the CARE and CARE+PLUS Programs are available to all individuals, whether you are on therapy or not. It also makes no difference what drug your physician has prescribed. The following is a brief summary of both programs.

National Gaucher Care Foundation online Application

Please click on HERE to apply for assistance.

If you wish to have a paper application sent to you, please contact Barbara Lichtenstein at 866-346-8176.

Accepting applications.

Eligible Expenses:
Insurance premiums (primary, secondary or both), which may include: Medical premiums, Dental premiums, Vision premiums, or all three. The Foundation may provide assistance in paying either single or family premiums. There is no maximum amount payable in a one-year period.

Eligibility Criteria:
Anyone with a diagnosis of Gaucher Disease who cannot afford their insurance premiums (as defined by the Medical Advisory Group).

Not accepting applications at this time due to funding issues.

Eligible Expenses:
Gaucher-related expenses that are not covered by insurance (co-pays and deductibles are not covered). Examples are: Infusion charges for Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT) not covered by insurance. Travel expenses to and from office/hospital for ERT or a Gaucher medical evaluation - $100/month maximum. Over-the-counter medications that are prescribed for Gaucher disease - $100/month maximum; Travel expenses for one Gaucher evaluation/year. Therapy’s not covered by insurance, but prescribed for Gaucher Disease (acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga) - $500/month maximum.

Eligibility Criteria:
Anyone with a diagnosis of Gaucher Disease who demonstrates an extraordinary financial hardship for eligible Gaucher-related expenses (as defined by the Medical Advisory Group).

Applications are reviewed by a three-member group eight times/year.