Application for CARE Programs

Applying for Financial Assistance for the CARE Programs

Applications for CARE Program grants are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year, beginning in early November for the upcoming calendar year. CARE grants are not retroactively disbursed.  Complete applications received after the 15th of any month are considered for an initiation date of the following month. Grant requests made by eligible applicants may be denied, in part or in full, due to requests exceeding available funds.

Eligibility criteria: Patients with Gaucher disease who live in the continental United States and can demonstrate an extraordinary financial hardship for eligible Gaucher-related expenses (as defined by the CARE Program description).

The NGF utilizes the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines in determining financial eligibility and considers applicants at 300% or below the FPL as having ‘extraordinary financial hardship’. Applicants with an FPL between 300% – 400%, are required to provide additional documentation to demonstrate extraordinary financial hardship beyond income level.

Prior to applying, use the Federal Poverty Level Calculator to determine if you meet the financial eligibility criteria. Please calculate based on Annual Gross Income (AGI) as indicated on your tax documentation filed for the most recent calendar year.

Applications must have all required verifying documentation attached to be considered. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure the submitted request is complete.

To apply for a grant from the CARE Program, please complete the application below.

If you do not have the ability to complete the online application, please contact us at 301-900-1053 (direct) or Toll Free at 800-504-3189. Most applications are reviewed within a few days of submission.

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