National Gaucher Care Foundation (NGCF)

In 1993, the National Gaucher Foundation (NGF) recognized the need for financial assistance in the Gaucher community. We created the National Gaucher CARE Foundation (NGCF) to help relieve this financial burden. The NGCF provides financial assistance for people with Gaucher disease and their families through the CARE and CARE+ Programs.

Assistance is available to patients with Gaucher disease who are US citizens residing in the United States and can demonstrate extraordinary financial hardship in paying for eligible Gaucher-related expenses. It does not matter which drug your physician has prescribed, or whether you are currently on therapy.

CARE Program

The NGCF’s CARE Program offers assistance with insurance premiums. This program helps patients and families pay for insurance premiums. Eligible insurance premiums include:

  • Primary or secondary insurance premiums (or both)
  • Medical premiums
  • Dental premiums
  • Vision premiums

The NGCF may provide assistance in paying either single or family premiums. There is no maximum amount payable in a one-year period.

Eligibility criteria: Patients with Gaucher disease and their families living in the United States who demonstrate an extraordinary financial hardship and cannot afford their insurance premiums. The program is currently accepting applications. 

CARE+ Program

The NGF’s CARE+ Program offers assistance with certain out-of-pocket expenses for Gaucher disease. Eligible expenses include Gaucher-related costs not covered by insurance (not including co-pays and deductibles) such as:

  • Travel expenses to and from a doctor’s office or hospital for ERT ($100/month maximum)
  • Over-the-counter medications prescribed for Gaucher disease ($100/month maximum)
  • Travel expenses for one evaluation per year from a Gaucher specialist
  • Therapies prescribed for the primary diagnosis of Gaucher disease that are not covered by insurance, such as acupuncture, massage therapy and yoga ($500/month maximum)
  • Emergency Services/Misc. Services such as burial costs, utility reconnect and other expenses as defined and approved by the CARE Advisory Board. Most Eligible expenses are a once per year benefit.

Eligibility criteria: Patients with Gaucher disease who live in the United States and can demonstrate an extraordinary financial hardship for eligible Gaucher-related expenses (as defined above).

The NGF utilizes the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines in determining financial eligibility and considers applicants at 300% or below the FPL as having ‘extraordinary financial hardship’. Applicants with an FPL between 300% – 400%, are required to provide additional documentation to demonstrate extraordinary financial hardship beyond income level. Prior to applying, use the Federal Poverty Level Calculator to determine if you meet the financial eligibility criteria.

Applying for Financial Assistance for the CARE Programs

Applications for CARE Programs grants are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year, beginning in early November for the upcoming calendar year. Grants made by eligible applicants may be denied, in part or in full, due to requests exceeding available funds.


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