Amy Blum

Amy BlumAmy Blum is Chief Operating Officer of the National Gaucher Foundation (NGF). Since 1991, she has devoted her career to focusing on disability advocacy, nonprofit development and management.

Ms. Blum began her career with the NGF as executive administrator for the medical director and executive director. Stepping into this position held extra meaning, as Ms. Blum has a personal connection to a family affected by Gaucher disease.

In 1996, she founded and built a nonprofit, independent school in Maryland for students with diverse learning needs. Ms. Blum served as the organization’s president and executive director for more than a decade.

Ms. Blum recognizes the importance of community-based nonprofits in helping people find resources, support, hope and care. She views her role as chief operating officer at the NGF like an orchestra conductor, tapping into people’s passion for serving and connecting them in ways that make the biggest impact. She believes that collaboration can create a harmonious symphony that strikes a chord in the heart of every family.

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