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Exercises for Everyone by Suzanne Krupskas

Suzanne KrupskasThe National Gaucher Foundation is pleased to share with you this information which was made possible by Suzanne Krupskas.

Suzanne has been a registered physical therapist since 1978. She has experienced multiple symptoms from Gaucher Disease since being diagnosed in 1981. She is an advocate and speaker on the subject of exercise and physical therapy and has written many articles on its importance for those who are living with Gaucher disease. She can be reached by calling the NGF or by email:

The information below is not just for individuals with Gaucher Disease, Jewish Genetic Diseases or Lysosomal Storage Disorders. It is for anyone who wants to improve their body.

Anyone can follow Suzanne's step-by-step instructions to help improve their overall health. (It is important that you consult your physician prior to beginning any exercise regimen).

From posture to endurance, bone heath, back and knee pain this information addresses the proper way to exercise for the result you are trying to achieve.

Click the links in the list below to go to the different exercises:

Suzanne also writes an exercise question and answer column for the NGF newsletter, wherein Suzanne recommends exercises for myriad problems. To read the Q & A, click here.