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Gaucher Awareness Month Video Contest

Submit a video about your personal story with Gaucher disease
Win a $500 Cash Gift Card!!

1st Prize - $500, 2nd Prize - $300, 3rd Prize - $150

Submission deadline has been extended to Monday, September 20, 2014

National Gaucher Foundation Video Contest

To commemorate Gaucher Awareness Month and its 30th anniversary, the National Gaucher Foundation, Inc. has launched a video campaign to promote education and awareness of Gaucher disease. We would like for you to share, through video, your experiences in living with Gaucher disease and/or how it has affected your life. By sharing your own story, you can help those who are newly diagnosed, as well as the misdiagnosed and undiagnosed. Your video may be very helpful and upliftitng to others.

You don’t have to have Gaucher to make the video. Participants can be a parent, sibling, relative, doctor, nurse, counselor or a friend of someone with Gaucher disease – each presenting their own unique experience with their connection to Gaucher. You never know whose life you’ll touch with your video!

The goal of this video contest is to seek out the most creative and effective ways you have chosen to raise awareness of Gaucher. The NGF will determine the top 5 to 10 videos and the final three winners, to be chosen by the public, will each receive a cash gift as per the information above. Video ideas are only limited by your imagination. Content may entail both the physical and emotional aspects of living with Gaucher disease and include your personal experiences at work, play, sports, in social settings, at home, on vacation, or whatever you wish to share with others. One video per participant may be submitted.

Guidelines: Content must include a brief description of Gaucher disease and its symptoms and cannot exceed 5 minutes. You may submit a video which has previously been produced, or a new video.

To submit your video for the NGF’s consideration;

  1. Upload your video to YouTube;
  2. Obtain the YouTube URL (web location);
  3. Send the URL to us at, so that we can view your video from YouTube.
  4. All emails and letters to the NGF should reference "Gaucher Video Contest" in the subject heading.
  5. Please do not send videos to the National Gaucher Foundation.

To determine the top three finalists, 5 to 10 runner-up videos will be posted at to be voted on by our website visitors. The NGF will promote the contest through various social media outlets, letters, emails and press releases. Per your request, we’ve extended our deadline for video submission to midnight September 20, 2014. We look forward to your unique video submissions.

The top three videos will be announced and aired at our website and through various media channels. Additionally, the videos will rotate and appear in the NGF’s marketing and educational SEM ads, banners and promotional materials. The top 5 to 10 videos will rotate on the NGF’s website as our video’s of the month and receive mention in Gaucher Community News. Beyond 2014, the NGF will continue utilizing some of the other video contest submissions and encourage those interested to submit videos in the future. Requirements will remain the same as outlined above.

Thank you for participating in October Gaucher Awareness Month. If you have any questions or would like further information, please send us an email with "Gaucher video contest" in the subject line, to
Questions? Call toll free at 877-649-2742 or visit our website at