Connect With Others

If you or a family member has Gaucher disease, you are not alone. Many in the Gaucher community have found it helpful to connect with other patients and family members of patients.

How to Connect

Support and practical suggestions from other patients and families can be extremely helpful in navigating challenges related to Gaucher care. The resources listed below can help you connect with others.

National Gaucher Foundation Mentor Program

The National Gaucher Foundation Mentor Program connects patients with volunteer mentors who are experienced in navigating the challenges of Gaucher Disease.

Gaucher Disease Facebook Group

The Gaucher disease Facebook group is an excellent resource that helps patients with Gaucher disease, their family members and friends communicate with and support one another. Patients created and manage this independent, closed Facebook group. An administrator must approve new members.

Many people in the Gaucher community use this group as a way to ask questions to other patients who have been through similar situations. The group should not be used to give or receive medical advice.

In addition, the National Gaucher Foundation has a public Facebook page.

Learn about more resources for connecting with others with Gaucher disease.

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