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Tired of the disconnect? Want to hook-up with your peers? Join Gaucher Chat or ask Jeff a question.

The Multi-Faceted WorkoutJeff Cohen wants to help you connect with the Gaucher community and useful resources. He is a young adult with Type I Gaucher Disease who was diagnosed at age 4 and has been on ERT treatment ever since.

Gaucher Chat

Gaucher Chat is an electronic pen pal program for young adults between 18 and 30 years old with Gaucher disease. Young adulthood is a time of important development and change. People are going to college and graduate school, starting careers, and becoming independent.

The Multi-Faceted WorkoutGaucher disease may or may not present an additional hurdle, but if it does, it would be ideal to have the support of others in the community during this time. Participants in the Gaucher Chat program are paired with another person with Gaucher disease to correspond using email. Interested individuals can contact Jeff Cohen at for more information and to be paired with another person.

Ask Jeff

Jeff Cohen is a young adult with type I Gaucher disease and is available as a resource to others with Gaucher disease and their families and friends. Jeff has been on enzyme replacement therapy since he was diagnosed in 1992 at the age of 4. He is eager to answer questions about life with Gaucher disease and to help people connect with available resources.

The Ask Jeff program is meant to provide information about living with Gaucher disease and to help identify resources. Any individuals with medical questions or question about their individual care are advised to consult their physician. Jeff can be contacted at

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