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Tired of the disconnect? Want to hook-up with your peers? Join Gaucher Chat or ask Jeff a question.

The Multi-Faceted WorkoutJeff Cohen knows the feeling. He's been on treatment for Gaucher disease since he was four-years-old. He doesn't feel connected to the Gaucher community and knows there are a lot of others out there who don't either. But he's got a plan and it's called "Gaucher Chat" and "Ask Jeff". Jeff Cohen is a 22 year old medical student at Harvard Medical School who was diagnosed with Type I Gaucher Disease in 1992 when he was 4 years-old. He's been on ERT treatment for 17 years.

Gaucher Chat
Jeff is inviting any Type I Gaucher disease patient between the ages of 18 and 30 to join him in starting a new program called "Gaucher Chat," a program specifically for patients with Type I Gaucher disease who wish to be part of an e-mail based pen pal program.

Young adulthood is filled with challenges like college, graduate school, starting a career, and becoming independent; having Gaucher disease may or may not present another challenge, but if it does, it would be ideal to have some support in jumping such a unique hurdle.

It's all about PostureEach person will be randomly paired with another person and the direction of the correspondence will be completely up to the pair; participants may decide whether they want to discuss Gaucher Disease or not. I know that this is a program that I am excited to be starting and I hope that you share my enthusiasm about getting connected to the young adult Gaucher Disease community!

Ask Jeff
Are you a young adult with questions that you would like to ask a peer about his life with Type 1 Gaucher Disease? If so, just ask Jeff! He is not a member of the medical community and does not offer medical advice, but he is a Mentor with the NGF’s Gaucher Mentor Program. He is offering his support as a resource for people who are experiencing situations similar to those that he had growing up with Gaucher Disease. Jeff’s life is an open book and he hopes that you will look inside it for the answers to your questions about Gaucher Disease. He is dedicated to helping you and to giving you honest answers about his experiences growing up with Gaucher Disease.

If you are interested in becoming involved with Gaucher Chat, or would like to ask Jeff a question, please contact him by e-mail at or by phone at 516-662-3711.

Join the Gaucher Chat group and stay connected!