National Gaucher Foundation - Gaucher Disease
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CaringBridge is a free, nonprofit web service that connects family and friends to share information, love and support during a health care crisis, treatment and recovery. Do you know someone who needs support due to cancer treatment, premature birth or chronic illness? Help someone else when they need it most.

CaringBridge® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit web service that connects family and friends during a critical illness, treatment or recovery. 100,000 families have created free, personalized CaringBridge websites.

A CaringBridge website is personal, private and available 24/7. It helps ease the burden of keeping family and friends informed. Patients and caregivers draw strength from loved ones' messages of support.

Below is the CaringBridge link to a webpage that was created for Aaliyah Heinzelman who has Gaucher Disease Type II. You can use the site to check in on Aaliyah , read the journal entries and send us messages by signing our guestbook. When you register with CaringBridge and sign our guestbook, you will automatically receive e-mail notifications each time our journal is updated. Or, you can subscribe to receive these notifications even before you sign the guestbook.