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2014 NGF Educational Meetings

Thank you for responding to our survey about National Gaucher Foundation educational meetings. We received many, many responses and have tallied the information. You have let us know there is still an invaluable need for the NGF to hold these meetings across the U.S. for patients and family members so that you can get unbiased information on Gaucher disease, meet with experts who can give medical advice and answer your personal questions about Gaucher, and meet and network with others who deal with some of the same issues as you.

Below is a list of projected locations and dates of upcoming meetings for 2014. As soon as we have specific information for them, we will publish it Facebook, on the Gaucher Yahoo! Groups listserv and the NGF website.

Paterson, NJ - March 30, 2014
Ft. Lauderdale, FL – April 6, 2014
Los Angeles, CA – May, 2014
Atlanta, GA – June 22, 2014
Chicago, IL – June, 2014
Seattle, WA – August, 2014
New York City, NY – September, 2014
San Francisco, CA – September, 2014
San Diego, CA – October, 2014
Phoenix, AZ – November, 2014

We are considering other areas as well, and we will publish those locations as soon as we know.

Questions? Contact Cyndi Frank at or 877-649-2742.